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As a contemporary reportage wedding photographer Andy captures your wedding in a fun, emotive and creative way. His photography is all about telling your story and recording the unique style of your wedding day. He offers a friendly, relaxed and personal photographic experience and fresh and modern photos taken with a real passion. Relax, enjoy your day and let Andy capture all those special moments. Based near Portsmouth, he takes on weddings throughout the UK.

Andy Hornby Portsmouth, Hampshire & UK
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My style of wedding photography is best described as creative reportage with contemporary portraiture. There’s lots of buzz words around in wedding photography so I’ll explain exactly what that means below.

When I first started wedding photography I was determined to do it in a way which exemplified everything I love about photography, and just as importantly, to avoid all the things I don’t like! The idea of being a traditional wedding photographer sent shivers down my spine. Bossing people around, getting in the way and being the object of disdain wasn’t my idea of a fun Saturday!


...for me I wasn’t the only photographer who felt like this. Over the last 10 years or so some leading wedding photographers started to adopt a documentary approach to capturing the events of the day. Instead of standing inches in front of the bride as she walks down the aisle on one of the most emotional days of her life, you’re more likely to find a reportage wedding photographer somewhere more interesting that creates a more creative image and is also much more discreet.

Good reportage wedding photography is as much an art form as highly posed fashion photography. Knowing where to be at the right time is crucial and is something that experience teaches you. Being in the right place at the right time is critical, but more important, in my opinion, is seeing the right light.

I get lots of comments that my pictures have captured the essence of the day, people look relaxed, happy and unposed. That’s a great compliment to me as you can’t just turn up and snap away. Reportage wedding photography involves looking for the angles, light and also pressing the shutter at exactly the right time. A fraction of a second can make the difference between a great and a mediocre picture.

As much as I enjoy the reportage part of wedding photography I am also a big advocate of bride and groom portraits – as long as they are shot in a sympathetic way. I engage couples with each other to promote interaction and togetherness. Couples respond so much better to each other and this always creates the right result. I want to create a moment between a couple that looks natural and unforced. I’m just there to let things flow and capture the moment.